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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Medical iPhone Application for Parents and Medical Websites You Can Trust:

For parents on the go or those just trying to find credible on-line medical information, Cook Children's Hospital has released a wonderful resource -- a free iPhone Application called KidsCheckup.

The application has a myriad of information including algorithms to help determine whether something is a medical emergency requiring immediate medical attention. There are also sections that provide reliable information on general children's health topics as well as common medical conditions and how to treat them.

For those tech savvy parents with an iPhone this is an application worth checking out.

For those of us who have to resort to the Internet, it can be difficult to determine what sites are legitimate and what sites should not be trusted. In general, any site where the public can write in and give advice is no better than polling random people on the street.

If you are looking for credible information, hospital affiliated websites, such as the Mayo Clinic's site, are a good place to start. The American Academy of Pediatrics has also just launched a new website for parents.

Other wonderful websites are and eMedicine. is a user-friendly site intended for parents. Whereas, eMedicine has more detailed information and sometimes uses medical jargon since it's target audience is medical professionals. Used together these sites provide a comprehensive overview of most childhood medical conditions.

Although websites and iPhone applications do not replace face-to-face medical evaluations, they can provide parents with information to allow them to better understand their child's illness as well as provide appropriate anticipatory guidance for when to seek medical care.